e-pl1 - does yours warm up when you use it?

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Re: e-pl1 - does yours warm up when you use it?

pcake wrote:

mine gets warm within 10 minutes, and while it is on the same side as the battery, i just fired of 5 minutes of pics and find that the battery is cool but the sd card is warm - not hot, but definitely warm.

thanks - that's a pretty handy page, and i see no damage codes in my camera.

Notice that the writer of the page is the first person to have responded to your post: Guy Parsons!

baxters wrote:

Yes, with extended ON time, 30 minutes or more, my EPL1 gets noticeably warm on the battery side of the camera. I have seen this with many cameras, so I never worried about it. It could be the battery. Pull yours out and see next time it happens.

I bought this baby in May, 2010. It has 12,000 shutter actuations, and has been powered up 5024 times, using the diagnostics described below. You might wish to check your camera.


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