Almost got an M8... but went for an X-Pro1 instead

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Re: No brainer

stevielee wrote:

MrFlash wrote:

If you were deciding between an XP1 and an M9 I could understand your dilemma, but an M8?? I owned one for about a year. The M8 sensor is awful by todays standards. It will do a pretty good job up to about iso 200, 400 is pushing it.

The image quality from an XP1 and an M9 are pretty close, but the M8 isn't even close. The M8 sensor isn't capable of taking advantage of Leitz lenses, but you still have to pay for them. I certainly wouldn't pay more than a few hundred bucks for an M8. It's a beautifully made thing, but photographically it gets blown away by todays cheapest DSLRs or M 4/3s cameras. It makes a real nice paperweight though.

And this is really the basic crux of the problem with buying into any types higher-end digital cameras right now - with their soon (usually in 2-4 years time-frame) to be outmoded internal electronics - even if they happen to be contained within exquisitely hand-tooled external bodies notwithstanding.

Investing 5K-10K in a digital camera body and then having it lose at least 50% of that initial upfront investment within a couple of years is a whole lot harder (IMO) to personally absorb, than investing in a 2K, or less digital camera that also will depreciate around the same percentage amount, but suffer quite alot less in overall dollars spent upfront.

Unless the higher-end camera companies allow for some kind of a internal electronics upgrades to help offset and somewhat future-proof their multi-K digital camera bodies from being nearly obsoleted in the coming years by far better, faster, and cheaper all-round digital imaging alternatives, then the old, but still fairly relevant photographic buyers investment guidelines are in very much in play with this reality in: spending most of your money on the best lenses possible, and less so on any of the camera bodies they happen to be mounted on at a given period of time .

EXACTLY the point! It's like buying a desktop computer with a beautifully made case, gold plated switches and a titanium keyboard - none of which can be upgraded.

Back in the day, buying a Leica made sense. No matter how old it was, you could pull the latest and best new films through it. But today - technology marches on and you are left holding a very expensive bag!

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