5d2 & TS-E 45 - first time tilt shift user thoughts

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Re: 5d2 & TS-E 45 - first time tilt shift user thoughts

forbaz wrote:

thanks very much for the link, and the tip. I had a look through your site - these images are truly exceptional, and i'm not even really a landscape style photographer, but can really appreciate your photos.

Thanks man

Can I ask a few questions please - how narrow generally are you going on the aperture?

I find shooting selectively at f/4 to f/5.6 can render a softer transition between the focussed and out of focus areas. You'll also find that this is likely to render better images because you're using the lens stopped down a little.

Are you going as far as max tilt

Ah yes, something else. I use about 5 degrees, not the whole hog. Using these lenses without going to the max will also produce much better images overall.

and which of the ts-e lenses are you using in your shots? Thanks again!

Errrrrrrrrr sorry, but I shoot Nikon's 24mm PC-E and 45mm PC-E But I'm sure if you buy the 24mm TS-E II you'll find this is a very capable lens indeed... I'm waiting for Nikon's delivery of a 17mm PC-E which is now under development and due this year...

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