my 3 years old loves x100

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Re: my 3 years old loves x100

KasperE wrote:

Great pictures! I've got a question for you as a person who has both an X100 and a three-years old (whom I assume is also in front of the X100 at times).

I'm on the fence regarding the X100. My D200 recently died (shutter worn out), and I need something to replace it. I now consider changing to the X100 as it would offer me the benefits of being more portable and discrete, plus the obvious image quality.

But is the focus fast enough for being practical when the X100 is in your hands and the 3-years old is the subject?

My main photographic subjects are my sons of 2 and 4 years age. I'm worried if the focus system is usable at all for such. The control layout looks great and intuitive for a person like me. For your information, my photographic background is in manual film Minoltas (XD-5, XG-1, X-300 + Rokkor primes), so I am used to focussing and setting exposure by hand. On my Nikon DSLRs, I've always exclusively used the centre focus field in the focus-and-recompose technique. I prefer a simplistic approach, using only primes, primarily getting by with a 35 mm, in a few cases enjoying an 85 mm (all on APS-C format).


THanks for all the comments. As for the question, x100 is not a camera for fast moving subject like our 3 years old kids. even though fuji improved the autofocus speed in the latest firmware update, still its not the camera for kids. I usually take at least 20 pictures of my boy just to make sure I have 5-8 keepers at any given situation.

Happy shooting.

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