Success PC Port output on HVL-F7S (Sony NEX) without PREFLASH!!!

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richg101, hadn't thought of replacing flash switch

richg101: could you mod the 'flash up/flash down' switch to always be set to the 'flash up' setting? then disconnect the flash bulb so it runs as if the bulb has blown, with no flash focus assist.

Ah, yes. Really just replace the flash up/flash down switch with some kind of punch-it tiny toggle switch. Then you could turn the thing on and off without the annoyance of lifting the flash.

Hmm, and then folks like me who will never use the on-camera flash could just glue/lock the little $40 dollar Nex flash down so that it never flops up or around. And we won't have to figure out how to put the little spring hinge back together properly. That particular end result is a "hot shoe adapter" that (in the narrow terms of parts outlay) costs less than the NexProShop adapter. And it does something, viewfinder brightening, that the NexProShop adapter doesn't.

That does it. Am going to modify the little Sony Nex flash, and as you suggest disconnect the flash bulb. Which has to work ok, because a flash bulb in the "off" state doesn't conduct electricity. I.e. the camera firmware can't possibly guess that the flash bulb "isn't there". Want to figure out how to get a hot shoe on top of it, an issue Fabianbono is also pondering below.

Fabianbono: Now I continue my plan, I´m already working in V2!! I will purchase this cheap Hot Shoe Pixel TF-321 , then will modify the base (remove it and make the base flat) and fix it at top of Sony Flash cover. Then I will get a Hot Shoe connection plus PC Sync port and no external cables.

Yes, let us know how that works out, it is by far the best thing to do. Would you consider letting a few of us mail you a Sony flash unit, and the Hot Shoe, and the switch and resistors and transistor that you tell us to buy, perhaps with a prepaid mailer.? We'd pay you to send back a disabled, non-hinged (i.e. glued into the down position) Sony flash unit that has become a hot shoe adapter. With a tiny switch somewhere on it, to turn the thing on and off without having to raise or lower anything.

Fabianbono: For sure on this shoe I ONLY will use a Wireless Trigger (I´m buying a couple of Yongnuo RF603) since this configuration can´t support the weight of a full flash.

Are you prepared to add the simple 100+K ohm resistor, to make one of the RF603's function as a permanent transmitter? That modification works perfectly . And even if you never labeled it, you can always tell which of your transceivers has been modified to be a transmitter. Just turn on your modified RF603, it'll be the one that has both green lights go on instead of just one.

The Nex is a particularly nice flash camera with a compact wireless remote flash trigger on it. In terms of always-bright viewfinder, focus peaking in low light, the not-superb-wide-open convenient light lenses function fine at modest apertures, etc.

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