How to get 400mm f/2.8 for $300

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Re: How to get 400mm f/2.8 for $300

HobbiesAreFun wrote:

You make it sound as if there's no image quality loss when you use clear zoom. For one, you can't make a raw file from it as far as I know. Not only that, but all it does is crop and then upres the file. You can do that yourself too in PP.

Wrong. This isn't just your run-of-the-mill digital zoom, it accesses a database of thousands of existing patterns that allow it to actually add detail and effectively increase resolution while zooming in. Obviously you can't do that in PP just by upresing.There are plenty of samples available if you would like to see for yourself instead of speaking from a position of ignorance. Of course it is not an exact replacement for optical zoom and there will be "some" loss of image quality, but as I expect the starting IQ at 85mm f/2.8 is excellent in the center as with most prime lenses, the cropping and use of ClearZoom should allow it to still remain "very good" at the 400mm equivalent.

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Kriekira wrote:

Given the enormous range of lenses sold, and the decades-old ability to crop and enlarge, and that fact that there is not now and has never been a photographer who used a SWA lens all the time, and just cropped and enlarged in order to mimic lenses of longer focal length/narrower angle of view, I have to conclude a priori that there is something missing from your analysis.

Well if you wan to call it "missing," it's the fact that the birth of ClearZoom allows us to achieve a very high image quality at double the magnification that was previously possible. This is a prime lens that does not have an extremely wide maximum aperture so I would expect it to be optically excellent at f/2.8, so I would suspect that even with all the cropping and the cutting edge digital zoom, the image quality at the 400mm equivalent and f/2.8 is still going to be very good, much better than what was previously achievable, and at a size of 6.25mm that is still clearly large enough to be useful for normal size printing and of course digital display.

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