Pentax k 5 vs EM-5

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Re: Pentax k 5 vs EM-5

Thanks for sharing your experience. I think that many people are too hung up on sensor size and performance alone. The NEX-7 looks like a great camera, but right now, the only lens that seems to do it justice is the 24mm f/1.8. If that's what you want to use: great. But if you want more, m4/3 is way more mature.

And in the end, like DPR say: the IQ difference between the OM-D and the best of APS-C is so small that it shouldn't be the main concern for choosing between APS-C and m4/3. If you really want a significant step up in IQ, go full frame.

And besides all this, the most important thing is still to make interesting pictures by composition, use of light, contrast, colours etc. That's what makes a photo successful in the end.

MDGolfer wrote:

I have actually used the Pentax k5 and also the Nikon D7000 and many others. I wanted to have a smaller more portable system but did not want to sacrifice picture quality. I ended up purchasing both this Sony NEX seven and the Olympus OMD. I ended up purchasing the Sony with the kit lens, 18 to 200 and also the Zeiss 24 f1.8. I also have been lucky enough to have all the top micro 4/3 lenses including the Panasonic and Olympus Primes as well as the best zoom lenses. If I pixel Peep, I have to say that the Sony has slight edge in high ISO performance and the pictures look great due to better controlled of depth of field. I can also tell you that the Sony has better picture quality compared to the Pentax and Nikon to my eyes. What goes against the NEX system is limited lens choice. After thinking about this for almost 2 weeks, I decided that I will keep Sony Nex however a recent trip to Abu Dhabi changed my mind. I took the Olympus with the Panasonic 25 mm 1.4 lens and the 12-50 Kit lens.The pictures were nothing short stunning. I feel Olympus omd overall is better than most apsc sensor cameras. This is strictly my opinion.

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