e-pl1 - does yours warm up when you use it?

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Re: e-pl1 - does yours warm up when you use it?

I never noticed the E-PL1 heating up, not even after a prolonged time (shooting a few videos of a few minutes e.g.). I'd get it replaced if I were you: unintended heating up can cause all kinds of problems after a while.

pcake wrote:

so i got one of the deal e-pl1's as a second camera. i don't find it as easy to use as my gf1 or g3, but the pics are pretty nice. thing is, it warms up when i use it for more than a few minutes. i asked cameta about this, and they didn't mention whether this was normal or not, although they kindly offered to send me a replacement.

i did heat it up more once using both the IBIS and the panasonic lens stabilization, although those pics were very sharp. still, not a good idea, i'm thinking.

so before i ship the camera back for an exchange, i'm wondering if anyone here has an e-pl1 that works fine and warms up (not hot, just warm) when used.


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