Micro Four thirds is a picture quality compromise.

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Re: Face it, FF is a dinosaur

Landscapephoto99 wrote:

FF has no image quality advantage in terms of color depth, DR, etc. The only area I can see FF really being of beneift is in resolution. It will probably live on as a studio camera for really large scale prints, larger than the poster sizes that micro 4 3rds can already do: sides of buildings, etc.

This is kind of funny, because "not so long ago" this was said about Medium Format cameras that now only live in a few studios because of the size and weight of the damned things... They live theer because they can give ultimtely more DR and resolution (24bit and 200MP) than a 35mm camera, yet when 35mm cameras were introduced, it was said that they would never win the professional market over MF cameras because they were so small and had such bad image quality, it would be a format for amateurs and Leica M cameras were lauched at because there were so small only women could use them... Etc etc... Any of these arguments seem familiar?

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