Are TWO 5D2's better value than ONE 5D3

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Re: Are TWO 5D2's better value than ONE 5D3

SeptimusFry wrote:

I was going to sell my 5D2 to buy a 5D3, but have had second thoughts. First, I am not sure that the improvements, great as they may be, are worth the major difference in price.

And this morning, I started to think about something else. I could buy a second 5D2 body, new, and still have good money in my pocket, as an alternative.

I am still thinking...........

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A few months ago I purchased a 2nd 5d2 when I learnt the price of the 5D3 was going to be. Yes! all things being equal and if the economy was in a better state then I would love a 5d3 but I must be honest the 5d2's still give me everything I need and it's just so nice to keep my 85 1.8 only on the new camera and keep the dust down. I use the othe older 5d2 for lens changes and keep a 35mm lens on it and surprisingly enough that combo of two lenses on two identical bodies that I know like the back of my hand has made my walk-a-bouts A. a lot easier and more fun B. more productive for stock images.

Of course from reading the reviews if you want to shoot the Olympic games or shoot a black cat in a black hole then the 5d3 would be the camera of choice but for everything else the 5d2 does the job nicely.

For the very first time when my wife has said to me to sell one of the 5d2's and order a 5d3 and she will find the funds I have said no! chasing the dragon with regards better and bigger has got to stop.


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