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Re: any factor that paints mFT in a bad light

This was probably not directed at me, but just in case: I currently have an E-520 and am seriously considering the EM-5. My father had the original Pen-F and turned me on to this 'small is beautiful' thing. I was excited when the first digital Pens came out, but they seemed to be dogged by the same low-light focusing issues that my E-520 has, and no focus-assist light, so those did not seem like big step up.

The EM-5 ticks all the boxes for me, and I am looking forward to when I can try it in a store and buy locally, which I prefer.

So then I only have to decide about lenses


dennis tennis wrote:

is not allowed.

mFT is superior because it is smaller.

Remember it is smaller.

It was the same logic that FT fanboys used to proclaim what FT would take over DSLR.

Just say "It is smaller"

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