DPReview Fujifilm X-Pro1 jpeg/raw comparison

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Re: DPReview Fujifilm X-Pro1 jpeg/raw comparison

xjuanx wrote:

Has anyone noticed the photo files of the XPro are smaller than other 16mp cameras in the comparison page?

As an example I compared the Olympus OMD, Canon 5d and Sony Nex 7. I understand the Canon (21MP) and the Sony (24MP) would be larger. But I thought both 16MP Olympus and XPro would have the same size image. Are the files acurate? Did an intern screw up the import settings/image quality?

If I have one guess I'll go with perspective. The Fuji is shot with a 60 mm lens, and the Nikon with 50mm. The framing on the shot is adjusted to the background, thus objects near to the camera will appear larger when they are shot with shorter focal lengths.

For the Olympus the explanation is somewhat different it has a 4/3 aspect ratio, rather than 2/3 of other cameras. The test are aligned on the 4/3 aspect ratio and this gives slight edge to 4/3 cameras to 2/3 cameras with the same pixel count.

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