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Re: Yeah, I can.

Great Bustard wrote:

gianstam wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Re: Yes, but it is the total amount of light, not the density of light...
...that matters.

You cannot prove that.

I can, and have:


And here are examples bearing it out:






I guess they're all just coincidences.

Something isn't true because many people believe it.

(the sensor does not behave as a whole).
You get a photo from it, don't you?

No, I get a picture from some million dots .

Do you see little pixels in that photo, or do you see the photo as a whole?

I see a photo wich is "combined" by million of dots. And the dots make the picture.

Accurate, clean dot means accurate, clean photo. So, what matters is the photosite (the size -light can be captured- and the technology behind that)

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