D800/E with 35 1.4G - Anyone using this combo?

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Nikon should really spend a little more on the AF drive

Thanks everyone who gave me feedback. I picked up the 35 1.4G and it focuses fine with the D800 but did need fine tuning (-9). I am noticing the slightest difference between left and right (for the first tiime) but only at f1.4 - I have a 1.8 and the rest are 2.8 or slower.

Will check for coma tonight, but optically seems fine.

I'm not really seeing that much in color difference between the 50 1.8G, the 35 1.4G, and the 85 1.8G - guess that goes to show how good the 1.8G's are. For 35mm FX you don't have a choice...

Came in this plastic carrier (no Styrofoam) inside the box exactly like my 50 1.8G which cost eight times less and with exactly the same accessories. In terms of AF performance it is no faster than either of the 1.8's. (I used a Canon before and had the 24 1.4 L II and that snapped into focus).

For a lens which costs the same (or more where I am) as the 24-70 2.8 or the 14-24 2.8, you would think Nikon could spend a little bit more on the AF motor/drive of their expensive pro primes. For a $250 lens I can understand - but for a $2000 one???

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