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Re: It's the loonies who are the problem here in Lilliput

Guy Parsons wrote:

The Equivalence band and their argumentative followers and non-followers should petition DPReview to have their very own Equivalence Thread and leave us all alone here to talk about cameras and things that matter.

Like noise addition techniques to get that classic "grainy look" ? Or your "Mr Perfect" coffee cup ?

Great Bustard wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

As I keep saying, if stretching the print size to ridiculous or cropping like crazy, some noise is needed in the image to help soften the effect of decreasing detail as the pixels per inch falls below critical limits. Otherwise the result looks plastic and sterile and badly digital.

Now there's a twist -- someone arguing that more noise is better! I've never seen a photo that was hurt because it wasn't "noisy enough". So, how's that XZ-1 with it's f/1.8 - 2.5 zoom work for you? It's photos look even more detailed at the higher ISOs because of the "special feature" noise that it offers!

Professor Parsem will amaze you with his esoteric grasp of "the maths". But right now, he's out on the lower 40 acres searching for warm bodies to count, so that he can claim the biggest audience.

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