Sigma go towards a niche 'purist' type camera.

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Sigma go towards a niche 'purist' type camera.

I had my SD1 for a couple of weeks now, I'm extremely satisfied with the output, however it is a true niche product and in order to get the best of this camera you more or less need to accept the following

  • use of tripod

  • obviously use of raw

  • only best lenses need to apply

  • base ISO

If you couple that with slow shooting speed and so on it becomes clear that this will never be a all-round camera. However in light of the exceptional optical quality (and I mean 'next to none') that this imager is able to deliver it becomes clear that it can become a very powerful photographic tool for the ones who know what they're doing.

I don't mind the cameras shooting speed, and I don't even mind SPP. If you have a methodological workflow it is actually very straightforward and I rely on Photoshop anyhow for final post production. So SPP should really be used as a base developer only.

The conclusion of this is that Sigma should really assume the fact that they're playing on niche territory and they will not be able to create capable mainstream friendly cameras.

Once you accept the niche status, and no longer bound by conventional constraints I think you can 'dare' to go for more atypical concepts which really appeal to the 'one in the know'. First up would really be :

  • A square sensor with all the framing benefits known by MF users.

A square sensor won't be attractive to the mainstream but experienced photographers would immediately recognize this as a huge benefit, it would also be the sole camera in the field offering that.

While at it, they could also give the camera a chunkier retro casing a la Mamiya 7, obviously the retro camera look has been much exploited nowadays, but for a slower camera a retro style cam is more 'in line' with the philosophy. It shouldn't look like a sports photography camera as this is not 'the soul' of this camera system. In that sense a more retro design would be less misleading.

As for the sensor, yes they should definitely shift it towards Full-Frame, relaxing the pixel pitch can only be beneficial to the image quality.

Add to this a very large, bright viewfinder and you really have what it takes to conquer enthusiasts hearts.

Sigma SD1
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