About DPR's camera review (not specific to 5D3 and D800)

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About DPR's camera review (not specific to 5D3 and D800)

Like a lot of other forumers here, I started my visits to DPR for the camera reviews, I have bought a number cameras and lenses since, DPR review had always been influence.

Like all things, digital camera review is a business that evolves, and it should be, newer issues are discovered over times and they need to be addressed in reviews, newer focuses of photographers emerge and reviews should shift their focus accordingly.

Unfortunately, it is my opinion that DPR has not really caught up with the evolution. here is a list of things that DPR still doesnt address in their reviews as of 2012.

  • RAW dynamic evaluation. Or lack of, instead DPR gives too much emphsis on jpeg DR, I dont think many jpeg shooters care that much about DR, if they did they wouldn't be shooting RAW.

  • AI-Servo evaluation. These days even entry level SLR buyers want to know ai-servo capability of their machine, a lot of young dads and mums want to taken playing shots of their children, and the occasional BIF is no on every body "what I shoot" listy.

  • Fixed resolution high iso noise evaluation. I know DPR knows it is not good practice to compare high iso noise at each camera's native resolution, why does DPR still do it?

  • non-constant exposure to test images. to have accurate comparison of high iso noise, images must be taken with exact same exposure. I assume in controlled lab like DPR has, constant lighting isnt a problem, so why does DPR still rely on camera metering and shoot at different shutter speed? if camera A meters 1/200s at iso 6400 and camera B meters 1/160s, then camera B should also take the image at 1/200, if it shows more noise after brighten up, that is how it should be.

  • different lens for each make. different lens have different T-value, colour, as well as sharpness. imaging resource does the right thing - they use the same sigma 70mm macro on all cameras, just different mount. why cant DPr do the same?

  • Using F11 for studio test shot. it is now common knowledge that F11 seriously eat into resolution advantage of high res sensors. this may not have been a problem in 2006 but it certainly is today. if DPR understands this because they do use F4.5 for resolution test chart, why still use F11 in other places? it makes no sense.

  • the score system is not well defined. DPR say the scores should only be compared to cameras of that class. problem is what is "that class"? from D90 to 60D to D7000 to 7D there are incremental differences, each camera can be said to be in the same class as the camera next to it in this order, but D90 certainly isnt in the same class as 7D. so how should one interpret D90's score against 7D's? now that D800 and 5D3 are out, are they in the same class as 1Dx and D4? if not - why? is it just because 1Dx and D4 are over priced? one cant really argue build quality because build quality is already an attribute in the scoring system, 1Dx simply should get more score than 5D3 in that area to reflect the difference. an absolute score would arguably be better.

To be honest, these days I dont really read DPR's review in great depth nor give it as much value as I used to, other reviews that used to be less authoritative nowadays seem to be more useful. I hope DPR will take these suggestions onboard and do something about them.

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