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Re: What glaring error?


It is true that "fixed focus" means the lens does not have focus adjustment (i.e. adjustment for distance). This attribute is usually found on simple small-aperture box cameras, sometimes on subminiature cameras with very large depth-of-field. It does not normally mean "fixed focal length" or "non-interchangeable". In the 100 years of photography prior to WWII, there were few examples of variable-focal length lenses but fixed-focus cameras were commonplace.

Having said that: a very big "on the other hand" is due here. I think the criticism you received is over the top, certainly unduly harsh. We all make mistakes and this is really a fairly minor and very understandable one. There are very many examples of errors in print an all over the internet, including this site.

I read your reviews of the MM and the X2 and I thought they were
a) well written overall,
b) thoughtful,
c) insightful,
d) full of information that is not easy to obtain elsewhere,
d) laden with very nice and well-prepared images.

My take is that you clearly do know what you are talking about when it comes to photography and the use of the equipment in question. Thank you for writing the articles and posting them. The minor error of the "fixed focus" reference probably deserved a friendly private note, not public ridicule. It really takes nothing away from the value or credibility of your work.

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