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Re: OMD: 3rd party battery users

I just today received three third-party batteries today (the ones that won't charge on an Olympus charger) from "Vinky Lin" of Shenzhen.

So far all I can confirm is that they charge pretty quickly in the supplied charger -- faster than the Olympus battery in the Olympus charger, it seemed to me -- and that they do power up the camera. No data yet on how long they last or whether the battery gauge reads them accurately.

The Vinky batteries are marked 1450 mAh, vs. 1220 mAh for the Olympus battery. This would suggest slightly longer runtime IF it's accurate, but I'm not sure it is.

The Vinky charger is rated at 600ma at 8.4v; the Olympus charger is 600ma at 8.7v. The Vinky charger has a CE certification mark, but no UL mark; the Olympus charger has both. The Vinky charger has a fold-out plug, vs the Olympus' separate power cord, which would make the Vinky charger more convenient for travel. It also has a 2.5mm coaxial power input jack which allows recharging from a 12v car power outlet; I haven't tested this yet, but again, it's a good idea for travelers. Vinky assured me that his charger also will charge the Olympus battery, but I haven't tried it yet -- given the scarcity of Olympus BLN1 batteries, I want to make sure I can get a replacement before I risk frying one in an unknown third-party charger!

I'm not worried about the Vinky batteries over-voltaging my camera, since the voltage is determined by the LiIon chemistry and should be constant for both. But I want to test them slowly and carefully in the camera, pausing frequently to make sure they're not overheating or whatever, before I give them free rein.

Incidentally, I do intend to get at least one more Olympus battery once they're more readily available, since I've had various problems with third-party batteries in other cameras. I'll be satisfied if the Vinky batteries are just good enough to use as a stopgap and later as spares... although their little charger is quite handy and may become my preferred choice over the Olympus charger, if it tests out well.

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