D800 From B&H???

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Re: My Experience with B&H

Did you notice if your order status on the site itself switched from 'Backordered' to something else?

I ordered sometime around 10 AM on Feb 7 i think.

ksalno wrote:

I ordered on Feb 7 around 9 AM and received my camera from B&H today. While I had gotten regular updates that the camera was on backorder and there was no idea when they would ship, the camera arrived today with no email or pre-announcement that it was being shipped. I am glad to have it but would have appreciated notice that it was shipped and a tracking number. I almost ordered one last week from Target when they reported in stock status online but was too slow and before I completed my order they were out of stock again. Good thing or I would now own two D800's.

The previous notes about battery shortages are misleading I think. At the same time I ordered the D800, I also ordered the battery pack and a spare battery. These items were delivered over a month ago. I would think that if there was a battery shortage, they would not be shipping solo battery orders while keeping full D800 kits on the shelf awaiting batteries.

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