"Aputure" Trigmaster Plus vs. Cactus V5 vs Yongnuo

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Re: Yongnuo trigger shortcomings

Suntan wrote:

In my experience, as long as one of the triggers is put into the hotshoe of the camera, any of the other triggers in range will trip all the other triggers. Whether it is a spare trigger in your hand or one already hooked to one of your lights. They will all trigger whenever one of the buttons is pressed.

As for hooking up a lightmeter, I don’t know if that is possible. I would agree that hooking up a 3rd party hotshoe-adapter type of cable would be too janky.

Thanks for that info. Someone out there searching for info will find that useful.

  • The output sync connector is a PC connector and I'd rather have a 3.5mm connector since that would work better with the sync cables I have right now.

Actually, I thought the Trigmasters had 3.5mm connectors but they actually have 2.5mm connectors. Not a big deal since they came with both PC and 3.5mm cables, but I think 2.5mm cables are less common.

I don’t know. For about $15 a trigger, there isn’t a lot of cost in there to include a bunch of cables. What sync cables should they include? Just a 3.5mm cable, or a PC cable, or others?

That's a good point. The Yongnuos are like $33 for a set whereas Trigmsters are $60. So the Yongnuos make more sense when you don't need the cables and aren't worried about the tx/rx mode or ability to hook up a light meter.

  • It sounds like the actual Yongnuo transceiver units differ for Canon and Nikon. Not sure why. The Trigmaster Plus units seem to be the same and only the shutter release cable differs by camera model.

I’m guessing it is the pinout on the hotshoe for allowing iTTL/ETTL passthrough. I know the iTTL doesn’t pass through, but I’m not sure about ETTL. In any case, I’d be interested to know if the two brands could be used interchangeably. I bet they would, at least for the triggering of flashes. Maybe not triggering the shutter.

I don't think different brands are likely to be compatible but it seems like different models within the same brand often are.

Actually I'm not sure if the Trigmaster transcievers are all the same. Mine came with cables for both the 10-pin connector on the "pro" cameras and the rectangular "GPS" connector on the D7000, but the transcievers themselves have a little "for nikon" sticker on them. So perhaps it's not just the cables that differ.

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