LX5 and Third Party Batteries

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Re: LX5 and Third Party Batteries

hha wrote:

Veducci wrote:

This might be the best one . I'm not sure if he has any left but it's worth checking.
I got mine last week. Only took a bout 8-9 days .


Thanks. I ordered one. Good deal, if it works with the LX5 as claimed. Will give an update once I get it (3 weeks?).


The battery arrived yesterday , 11 days after it was ordered. It came about 2/3 charged (based on the voltage measured with a DVM), but the battery symbol shows 3 of 3 bars. This is consistent with the calibration of the OEM battery. The OEM battery capacity is 1250 mAh, this one has 1600 mAh capacity. We'll post an update how it works out. This far OK for $9.99 including shipping.

By the way, when the LX5 battery runs down, the camera finishes gracefully, i.e. it pulls back the lens (or it never brings it out). I am getting typically 300 pictures per charge. When the red battery meter is flashing there are another 10 pictures before the camera shuts down.


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