Success PC Port output on HVL-F7S (Sony NEX) without PREFLASH!!!

Started May 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
richg101 Regular Member • Posts: 226
Re: fabian does your mod suppress Sony flash output?

fabianbono wrote:

This is the weak point of the mod.
With Sony flash down (off) you will not get the LCD screen brighten up.

This also could affect your AF function, even with AF illumination assistance light.

Issue is to operate the camera on a very dark condition (or no light at all), then I rise up the Sony Flash (to brighten the LCD screen), half press the shutter button to get the AF make focus, then while maintain the half pressed shutter button, down the Sony Flash and then shoot the picture.

could you mod the 'flash up/flash down' switch to always be set to the 'flash up' setting? then disconnect the flash bulb so it runs as if the bulb has blown, with no flash focus assist. will the orange focus light still function when flash is attatched and set to 'flash up'?

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