Nex 5n + Fujian 35mm (PICTURES)

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Re: Nex 5n + Fujian 35mm (PICTURES)

Hi Sean,

There are 3 metal rings that come with the lens which you can screw on to the bottom of the lens. The more rings you add, the more "macro" you can get. The more macro you get means the les DOF you have, so you will have to be really careful with focus when you shoot and you will also be very close to the subject. Imagine it being like a magnifying glass effect. move in and out to catch focus.

As for the rubber rings. I have no idea what they are for, but i just keep the metal rings in my bag for on the go macro when i need it. Hope that helps?

sean lancaster wrote:

Can you explain more about the macro ant shot? What did you attach exactly? I have a large and mostly flat metal piece that can screw in where lenses get mounted. I also have rubber extenders or spacers or something and maybe more (I forget). What piece or pieces do I use to get macro with this lens? TIA.

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