D800 Portrait of my grand daughter with 85 1.4

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Re: D800 Portrait of my grand daughter with 85 1.4

That's odd your an accomplished landscape photographer and you don't post your work. So go take some pictures of trees and have a good time.

4x5 Guy wrote:

Gradybaby wrote:

Post some of your works of art and maybe some of your critiques would hold water. What makes you a critic anyway? You must have an unbelievable portfolio. Do you post your work anywhere for us to see?

What makes me a critic? Well, what makes you a photographer. I actually am an accomplished landscape photographer. And NO, I won't post my site, just as you don't list your email address and don't use your real name. I have my reasons for doing so, just as I'm sure you do.

Say what you and your buddy Manny82 will. I really don't care. But I am quite confident in my abilities to evaluate and critique photography, mainly landscape, but I can deal with obvious deficiencies in portraiture.

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