Wedding shot Oly 45/1;8, no heavy PP

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Overview of this whole mess

Pardon me while I butt in.

I'm not a professional photographer, nor an enthusiast, nor even a hobbyist. I've got a couple of cameras, but big deal. I'm not any good and don't pretend to be. But, yeah, I've got some thoughts on this whole to-do.

First, I think it's a classic example of “you get what you pay for.” And I think it's further evidence of why you, as a “friend who's a pretty damn good photographer,” should NEVER agree to shoot a wedding or any other memorable event in lieu of a paid professional.

I suspect that in this case the bride (let's say) knew Marla, knew she was a good and knowledgeable photographer and thought she could perfectly capture the wedding. Subconsciously, she and the groom probably figured they could save $500-$1,000 (or whatever a wedding photog costs). But that wasn't at the top of the list. At the same time, the bride EXPECTED professional results. If she's happy with Marla's shots, great. End of argument. Personally, I thought all the shots in the first thread were … ordinary; nothing anyone with a P&S couldn't have done. Was that Marla's fault? A little, perhaps.

But essentially I thought that Marla faced an impossible task: an informal wedding in a lousy venue with lousy lighting and lousy everything else. And being the “friend,” I don't think she would have been comfortable ordering people around. (This is one thing a pro can and will do.) So she snapped what she snapped as best she could. So it goes. And if the bride and groom are disappointed with the photos, who's gonna get the blame? Marla. Bad bargain, in my opinion.

And here I must agree 100% with Tedolf: Backgrounds are essential. They can make or break a photo. We've all seen (if not shot) people with trees or telephone poles sticking out of their heads, etc. His point is on the mark. Backgrounds need to be taken into account (assuming there's time) before the shutter is snapped. Maybe Marla could have done better on that, but again, this is where a pro steps in and tells the couple or whoever, “Step over here, please.”

Finally, yep, I think this photo of bride and groom is the best of the bunch. Very nice. Just what I would be looking for.

I hope Marla contemplates this experience and decides never, ever to do it again. Too much risk, too little reward.

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