Make Your Own Background Stands?

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more details and pics

As requested:

[large images]

All parts found at Home Depot.

I glued all of the joints with regular pvc pipe cement. I cut the sections of pipe with a miter saw. The leg bases are 5' high - just cut the 10' section in half. The inner part of the vertical arm is 5' long also and goes into the base.

Holes were drilled with a 7/16" bit. Care must be taken to line up the holes properly. I cut the holes in the bases and used those as a template for the others on the uprights.

The uprights will store inside the leg bases.

The part of the leg base that sits on the floor has threaded connectors to allow easy storage.

All threaded connectors were cemented to the pipe.

The crossbar is split in half with a threaded connector so no piece is longer than 5'.

I did this because the cheapest stand I could find at the time was hundreds of dollars. It was also fun just being creative. We are all a bunch of creative people, aren't we?

The others referenced above look like pretty good deals for the money. Had I known about them... who knows?


Dave T9 wrote:


Your plans sound great! Can you provide more instructions? Can
you post a picture of your stand? What are spring clamps?


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