Sigma Lenses for the SD1 Merrill

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Re: Sigma Lenses for the SD1 Merrill

filmpoet wrote:

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Not necessarily Sigma ones!

Depends what you call a standard/normal lens on 1.5x crop...My Carl Zeiss 28mm f2.8 Distagon T* is about 48mm equivalent on my SD14, pretty close to a classic 50mm normal but on the SD1/SD1M its only 42mm equivalent..An odd focal length.

A Sigma 30mm would give 51mm equivalent on my SD14, extremely close to a 50mm normal but on the SD1/SD1M it becomes 45mm equivalent, another odd focal length.

A 35mm lens like my Nikon 35mm f1.4 Ai-S is about 60mm equivalent on my SD14 but on the SD1/SD1M its about 53mm equivalent, pretty close to a 50mm normal.

So you should really give 28mm and 30mm lenses a wide berth with the SD1/SD1M, if you want a 50mm normal FOV.

To get a FOV equivalent to a classic 28mm wide angle you will need to look for a 19mm prime...The Leica 19mm f2.8 Elmarit R being a very good example.

A 16mm will be exactly equivalent to a classic 24mm wide angle, unfortunately, 16mm primes are very few and far between, and the few 16mm lenses that are available are usually fish-eye lenses, like the Zenitar 16mm f2.8 fish-eye.

The widest rectalinear prime lens options are the Sigma 14mm f3.5 or the 14mm f2.8 EX, both giving 21mm equivalent on the SD1/SD1M.

You can only go wider, and stay rectalinear, if you get the Sigma 8-16mm EX or one of the 2 versions of the Sigma 10-20mm EX.

What kind of adapter are you using to mount other manufacturer's lenses?

The Sigma SA mount can actually take a wider range of lenses than the Nikon mount.

I use Canon lenses, Carl Zeiss lenses, Nikon lenses, Mamiya 645 lenses, Tamron lenses, Tokina lenses, MTO lenses, Vivitar lenses and many more.

I have converted some of my non-Sigma lenses to SA mount, some to PK mount and some to M42 mount, whilst others are kept as native M42 or Nikon mount.

Like SA mount lenses, PK mount lenses fit on the SA mount without needing an adapter, as long as you do a quick, simple, but often non-reversable mod.

For M42 mount lenses you will need a M42-SA adapter...There are 3-4 types currently available.

For taking macros with Nikon Micro-Nikkor macro lenses you can use the very cheap Roxsen Nikon-M42 adapter plus an M42-SA adapter...Its gives a macro magnification advantage, but you lose infinity.

For infinity use, you can use the new JTAT Nikon-SA adapter...It does'nt work with 100% of Nikon lenses, but most should fit ok.

A simple-to-make M645-SA adapter can also be made with a M645 #1 extension ring, a 2mm spacer washer/shim and either an SA mounting plate or an M42-SA adapter.

Canon EF lenses can be easily converted to SA mount, after which they still retain their AA and AF functions, but currently, not the IS function.

Apparently Contax Carl Zeiss N lenses can also be converted to SA mount whilst retaining AA and AF functions, but the conversion is likely to be more difficult than an EF lens conversion, as the electrical protocalls will be different. EF and SA share the same protocalls.

Fully reversable mount swap kits are also available for the SD14, SD15 and SD1/SD1M, to temporarily (or permanently if you prefer it) convert them from SA mount to Leica R, or Nikon mount. (Search for: sigmacumlaude and click on his "products" link) Other mount swap kits are listed as discontinued, but they may be available on request if you email Luis.

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