Wow, and I thought m43 was really moving up.....

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Re: only buy m43 when you reach "I HAD IT with DSLR", otherwise stay put

benarden wrote:

007peter wrote:

I don't recommend m4/3 unless you have finally reach the I had it with DSLR bulk Bitching & Moaning mode.

OR you've had it with P&S lower image quality and need the eight times larger sensor
of M4/3 ( and interchangeable lenses) for better image quality.


For me it was primarily about size. I take photos mostly from a sea kayak -- having a lot of bulk on my deck is not an option for me. A dSLR camera is just that much too big for my needs because it would require a waterproof box to stow it in that is quite a lot larger (a whole lot, actually) than the one that I can fit my GH1 in.

I previously had been shooting with Canon ultra-zoom point and shoots for the past ten years and getting some pretty good results (imho) with them. But the image quality wasn't there. I've had several photos published in kayak magazines, including one cover shot and was asked for higher quality images on several occasions. To be honest, I'm blown away by the improvement in image quality from what I was shooting with before -- admittedly, I've no experience (other than viewing sample images online) with SLR cameras so I don't know what, if anything, I'm missing there. And since an SLR doesn't meet my specific requirements, I don't even need to compare -- what I have seems to work very, very well and while I know there is better available, I'm getting way more superior results than before.

I generally shoot with the 14-140mm on the water and have a 20mm and a 100-300mm for on land (and occasional on the water use). Soon, I'll be buying the 7-14mm and then a new body (GH3?).

I'm quite happy that the m4/3 format is here and is developing into a serious and exciting segment of the photographic world -- it's opened up a whole new level of photography for me.

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