Sports shooting help (D90)

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ishu OP Regular Member • Posts: 106
Re: Agreeing ... Partly.

Grevture wrote:

I generally disagree with this approach--for me. I prefer to anticipate the moment and press the shutter when that moment arrives.
this one shot approach works well when the action is developing slowly.

Agreed in general. When I wrote "make it up on volume" I did mean closer to the 150 shots I took last weekend and not 1000!

Brev00 wrote:

Shooting sport is most often a mix of those approaches [timing vs.spray & pray], but I do agree that timing is more often a better approach then trusting your luck and just spraying.

Now I got the impression the OP referred to this as a learning process, and while learning I would argue shooting a lot is a good approach. As the skill improves, one tend to shoot less and less.

exactly! In the mean time, I'm having a lot of fun. A very helpful discussion. And belated thanks to Catallaxy for the settings advice!

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