Success PC Port output on HVL-F7S (Sony NEX) without PREFLASH!!!

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fabian does your mod suppress Sony flash output?

A few details from fabianbono to pin down.

Firstly, does this convert-Sony-Shutter-Sync-to-standard-hot-shoe-flash-trigger-signal modification suppress the Sony flash output, even when the Sony flash is raised to active position? To be specific, does it suppress the preflash when the Sony flash is raised to "on" position? Separate question, does it suppress the main flash? The latter question relates to a sizable savings of camera battery power, and also perhaps eliminating the need to put a piece of tape over the Sony flash tube if you want to suppress its light.

Secondly, while I understand that the fabianbono mod will send out a trigger signal whether the Sony flash is raised or lowered, under what conditions if any does the wonderful Sony feature of brightening the viewfinder still function?

I.e. are my assumptions correct, that (a) you don't get viewfinder auto-brightening when the Sony flash is lowered and (b) you do get preview auto-brightening when the Sony flash is raised to traditional "on" position?

Thirdly, how long would it take you now to disassemble the little Sony flash, solder in the 2 wires needed, and then put the flash back together?

Fourthly, do you even think you absolutely need the entire Sony flash unit to wire up a trigger? Wonder what would happen if you had a little chunk of circuit board with "fingers" disconnected (except for the 2 connection fingers that have the wires soldered to them, plus the resistors and transistor you need), that you plugged into the Sony flash connector slot. Could that little circuit board if it was somehow insertable and removable still function as a flash trigger? Or does the entire flash need to be plugged in, in order to convince the Nex camera that it's time to send out signals to the top port.

Thanks in advance.

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