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Equivalence, fo rall practical purposes

Dorus wrote:

What has always mystified me (don't ask me why, as it is so obvious) is the importance of seeing this concept ONLY in the context of the final product.

My guess is that for 100% of all photographers, proper exposure is important. Which means FF f2.8 = APSc f2.8 = M4/3 f2.8.

Furthermore, my guess is that for 75% of all photographers, the 'final product' is the angle of view. Which means FF 60mm = APSc 40mm = M4/3 30mm.

So for all practical purposes, for the majority of photographers, the following are equivalent: FF 60mm f2.8 = APSc 40mm f2.8 = M4/3 30mm f2.8.

Another 20% may be obsessed with DOF. But software is coming that will give you the control & the creamy brokeh, while removing the restrictions imposed by the laws of optics.

And for the 5% that is obsessed with how much light is used to constructed the photos, I say leave it to the engineers. Sensors are continuously improving.

The last 2 are complementary. With good enough sensors, you can have everything in focus, then use software to selectively defocus. My wish is that someday, all lenses be optimized for f32, because it will be the only aperture available.

As an old-timer, I look forward to this paradigm change. Instead of expanding effort to work around technical limitations, I can expand that same energy on the image itself.

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