Canon 5D II / III Micro Focus Adjustment Question

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Re: Canon 5D Classic Manual Focus Adjustment - Solved!

This ajustment of the mirror will affect all your lensens, and not only the 50/2. I guess that the zeiss is now the only lens you can focus with confirmation-beep.

Or are there anything i have missed? You make a "hardware" ajustmen, not like Micro Focus Ajustment for individual lenses.

Press Correspondent wrote:

I have checked this post:

Then used this focus chart (not the best, but free and better than none):

Then used a tiny hex 1.2-mm wrench to rotate two front holders of the main mirror and the problem solved! (Used the MLU function to hold the mirror up for about 30 seconds at a time.) This adjustment is for the viewfinder screen focus only, not for the electronic focus confirmation. Quick "before" and "after" shots with Zeiss 50/2 at f/2.0:

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