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Re: Give me a link to your spongeless carts

Petruska wrote:

I will check them out. Maybe things have improved over the years.

Hi Bob. The refillables on the Epsons are from, as is the CIS.

The Canon CIS was from some eBay seller - forget who now as been using for some time. I did use a CIS originally from a USA supplier - forget the name at present (am using my netbook between TV programmes - and do not have all my stored links on this - will check tomorrow and post info - thinkl was something like Kenton?) but the supplier seemed to disappear and I preferred to start afresh rather than hope any mixed ink would work.

I did have problems with a Quadtone set from MIS a few years ago - with their B+W pigment inks - gave strange mixed colours (Bluish highlights, Sepia-ish midtones and Selenium-ish shadows when supposed to be Warm, Cold or whatever). Reverted to using just the excellent carbon black alone in an Epson 1160 and installed their colour CIS in an Epson 1200. Not good systems - lots of clogging and both printers totally ruined before a year was up - even tubes clogged and could not even rod them through with stout garden wire. The 1160 worked for about 13 months (lots of cleaning) but the 1200 never worked properly - they replaced the CIS - so I bought the Canon i9950 and soon after, the Epson 1400 which is excellent - no problems with the IJF pigment inks and have used the CIS in one and refillables in another.

Hope that clarifies. If you were, for example, quoting the MIS cartridges at that time - I would have agreed with your comments.

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