I finally 'get' equivalence

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Re: I finally 'get' equivalence

Mr Lumière wrote:

That is only true because you resize the image.

When comparing systems in terms of IQ, the proper comparison is at the same display size. Of what purpose, for example, is there to compare a 4x6 photo with a 12x18 photo?

Smallers pixels lead to smaller noise, once resized from 36mp to say 16mp for print output noise will be pretty much absent, however it is not the result of your sensor getting 4x more light than m43, it gets the exact same amount of light per surface area.

Again, the relevant measure is the total amount of light that makes up the photo.

I see most people do not grasp this concept so lets read it from the people who make the technology:


If you don't get how pixel size affects noise and Dynamic range after that I don't know what will. If you don't get that sensor size does not affect DR and noise after that I don't know what will.

Wow. The fact that you cite that link and fail to understand is, well, nothing short of amazing.

I'm out, have fun reading.

From the author of the link you cite:


But SNR, and noise power, at any fixed spatial frequency is the same as long as the same number of photons are collected per unit area (if we are talking about photon noise; adding in read noise leads to a more complicated discussion).

See if you can decipher that. If you can't, maybe the most bookmarked post in the Open Forum, by Daniel Browning, might help you:


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