I finally 'get' equivalence

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Re: I finally 'get' equivalence

eagle2a wrote:

Now my point is simply this.

How often do we think in terms of practicality and usefulness when we choose the camera? I believe that the current interest in the OM5 and M4/3 cameras highlights the position that photographers are finally coming to regarding the practicality of there photographic instrument. And all the talk about all the other subjects that we seem to pay so much attention to really doesn't have that much relevance when it comes to how we actually produce the end product, I.E. the picture, or the on-screen view of our files.

Just one old mans point of view.

And a wise and perceptive point of view. A huge amount of the joy of camera ownership is owning something that personally satisfies you. That's a personal thing, there is no reason anyone else has to like the same thing, and no reason anyone else should disparage your tastes. I strongly believe that satisfaction with one's camera helps one take better photo's, so people shouldn't knock it.

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