I finally 'get' equivalence

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Re: I finally 'get' equivalence

I know that DPReview is all about the technicalities of photographic equipment. And I appreciate that, and enjoy this element of photography very much. I have always been a pixel peeper and love the involved discussions regarding this subject.

But I have been doing more thinking lately about what it is that I really want from a camera. I have been at this a very long time without ever becoming more than just a marginalized snap shooter. However I own Pentax equipment and Panasonic equipment, as well as some Fuji cameras. They're all really good pieces of photographic gear, but I have been thinking about purchasing the Olympus OM5. So once again I have been asking myself what it is I really want in a camera?

While IQ is really important to me I have been thinking about what I actually do with the end results of my picture taking adventures. Mostly I print 4 x 6 glossy pictures to put in an album. Only occasionally, and I mean very occasionally, will I print 5 x 7 pictures, and even more occasionally an 8 x 10. I have found that unless I am printing a highly cropped file, that I cannot tell any difference between my Pentax Kx and my Panasonic G1. Once in a while given different lighting situations I can tell a slight difference in favor of the Pentax. But given the wonderful flexibility of the G1 it is the camera that I usually pick up. However, on occasion, the fact that I have a Tamron super zoom (18-250) will cause me to prefer the Pentax.

Now my point is simply this.

How often do we think in terms of practicality and usefulness when we choose the camera? I believe that the current interest in the OM5 and M4/3 cameras highlights the position that photographers are finally coming to regarding the practicality of there photographic instrument. And all the talk about all the other subjects that we seem to pay so much attention to really doesn't have that much relevance when it comes to how we actually produce the end product, I.E. the picture, or the on-screen view of our files.

Just one old mans point of view.

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