My Son: thoughts on composition etc?

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Re: My Son: thoughts on composition etc?

Ok, so I've tried to take into account the previous comments and alter the image. Most obvious is changing the crop to 4:5 and I aligned the hand and face diagonally across the image. RT has a rule of diagonals grid which I used to align things. I didn't even know there was a rule of diagonals!

I messed with the brightness as suggested, no scale on the histogram so I set the 'cropped highlights' level to 250 and turned down the brightness till they stopped flashing! Didn't quite work for the blacks though. Tried then to adjust the shadows to reveal more through the ladder, which has lightened the image a little but without losing the impact.

I have to say it was a little hit and miss with using 'curves' so didn't really use it as I haven't figured out how to use them effective for this sort of thing. Don't know how to focus on parts of the image. Anyways here's the second attempt!

Thanks for helping!

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