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Mr Lumière wrote:

I know you said that but you are wrong.

yes it does get 4 times more light but it has to cover a 4x larger sensor so in the end each pixel get the same amount of light.

If a FF camera has to expose a picture at f2, 1/60 second at ISO 200 a m43 camera will have to expose the same scene at f2, 1/60 second at ISO 200, the DR and noise will only be affected by your pixel pitch, given the sensor built is the same of course.

4x more light on 4x larger sensor it not an advantage unless each pixel can absorb more light.

What you are missing is that the per pixel noise does not determine the noise for a certain portion of the photo. If 4 pixels of the large sensor cover the same area in the output photo as 1 pixel from the small camera, and all the pixels have the same noise, then the output image from the large sensor will effectively have half the noise of the small sensor image. This can be seen by properly re-sizing the large sensor image to the same pixel count as the small sensor image. When performing the low-pass filter on the image for the proper re-sizing the noise will be cut in half.

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