D800 + ISO6400 = Doddle = Amazing!

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Demonstrates the higher ISO capabilities with balanced light sources

I shoot at high ISO settings predominately in dimly lit rooms with a mix of tungsten and fluorescent lighting. With the shift in the color output of the light sources there is a lot more amplification of certain pixels and this creates a lot more chroma noise in the resulting files.

I was testing the D800 at ISO 6400 last week and it was very usable in tungsten lighting with light skinned subjects. With darker skin the ISO 6400 was too high with the tungsten lighting. Shots of people with different skin tones provide me the best information on the high ISO capabilities of a camera for my shooting but your pictures have opened my eyes to the potential when there is a more balanced light source, i.e. full sunlight.

The D800 in terms of low light shooting is on par with the D3, no better and no worse. This is remarkable given that there is a 70% greater pixel density and much smaller photosites used for the D800 sensor.

ISO 6400 is all I need for my wedding photography. It gives me an adequate shutter speed for hand held shots with f2.8 zooms and I do not want an over exposed shot that distorts the scene from how it would be perceived by the viewer with their naked eyes.

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