Do you convert NEF to DNG?

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Re: Do you convert NEF to DNG?

konoplya wrote:

if you do, for what reason other than to reduce file size?

also, is any information lost during the conversion or not? i mean image information, not metadata etc.

thank you in advance.

Eventually, each old camera's RAW file format will fall off the list of those supported by the processing software, meaning that you will have to run an older version of the processing software if you want to be able to continue to view them or process them.

Eventually, that processing software will no longer be supported by the latest operating system, so you will have maintain a legacy operating system just for your raw processing application.

Eventually, support for that legacy OS will be withdrawn and you will not be able to find the hardware to run it.

What then?

No camera maker guarantees to support any of their file formats for ever, so it all boils down to how long you want to look at your digital files for. Five years? Maybe ten is closer to the mark, but I doubt whether you will be able to open D800 NEFs in fifteen or twenty years.

Now, whether being tied to an Adobe format (albeit a supposedly "open" one at the moment) is any more comforting, I don't know, but something is needed. Clearly.

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