Pentax-Ricoh will offer four DSLR till March, 2013!

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Re: Pentax-Ricoh will offer four DSLR till March, 2013!

Ari Aikomus wrote:

The main news - Pentax-Ricoh will offer FOUR DSLR till March, 2013.
1. Low-end

Good for growing sales. A K-r replacement I guess

2. Between K-r and K-5

Yep the K-30 it looks like a good camera, a bit strange design

3. K-5's replacement

I am really interested to understand the price and the new features...almost sure 24mp starting at ISO80 and with DR and noise levels better than the alphas already using this sensor.

4. Please, don't sell old K-mount FF lenses....

I hope this is not another fake rumor...THANKS for this news!

Yanko Kitanov

I am dreaming to enhance the sensitivity of my own perception and not the sensitivity of my camera's sensor...

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