Do you convert NEF to DNG?

Started May 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jan Morales Regular Member • Posts: 335
Re: Do you convert NEF to DNG?

I convert all my raw files to DNG on import. I started years ago when Bridge was my image library because I didn't like the separate XMP sidecar files that got created during processing. I was also sympathetic to the argument that DNG is an open format that is less likely to be orphaned. When Lightroom came around it made the conversion on import fully automatic and effortless.

I imagine a scientist or extreme pixel peeper could determine if there is real image quality loss converting to DNG, but I have never felt like anything was missing from my images.

By the way, in my experience the file size savings are minimal, at least for the cameras that I have used. File size was not a reason why I started converting to DNG.

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