Why is this? DoF on M43 vs. FF

Started May 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jonas B Forum Pro • Posts: 14,596
Re: Why is this? DoF on M43 vs. FF

Everdog wrote:

Go to...

Select the Canon 5D full frame camera
Select 35mm for focal length
Select F/2.8 for F-stop
Select 10 feet for subject distance

Total DoF = 4.36 ft

Now change the camera to an E-PL1
(leave all other settings the same because we want to use the same exact lens)

Total DoF = 2.11 ft.

So all physical parameters being equal, the m43 camera has a shallower DoF?

Is this really a sincere question or are you just pulling our collective legs for some hard to understand reason?


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