LensRentals: Standard-range micro 4/3 Imatest Results

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Re: LensRentals: Standard-range micro 4/3 Imatest Results

Adventsam wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

My gut feeling is that the PanaLeica 45mm2.8 is the sharpest m43 lens is confirmed

Not quite. You forget the 20/1.7.

Oh yes, the 20mm is excellent too, but @f4 its a close call?


What exactly do Oly bring to the party? I'd love the VL's but the MF doesnt grab me but Oly=bad! especially as they lack OIS are they hanging back,

In all fairness, Oly cameras don't need OIS, but it certainly makes at least some Oly lenses less attractive for people with Pany bodies.

there lens release for m43 amounts to what? the 12+45 as being great, the 45 is a good lens and fairly priced, the 12mm is over priced and c/w the 14mm, and the gwc1 is a good option to go 11mm, better than the 12mm overall and more flexible? I'd like to know what Oly have delivered as great lens for m43 in 4 years?

As you say, the 12 and the 45 are both good. And the 45 may well be better than it appears in this particular test. Consider for example the results from Lenstip where tables are turned and the 45/1.8 beats the 45/2.8 quite clearly with regard to edge resolution (although I have suspected all along that there was something wrong with the copy of the 45/2.8 that Lenstip happened to test).

The 12 is a likeable lens in all respects except price, but only marginally wider and marginally faster than the 14 and not quite as small, so I personally went for the 14.

Hopefully/probably, the upcoming 75/1.8 will be good too. I have only Pany lenses at this point (14, 20, 7-14, 14-45, 45-200, 100-300) but both the Oly 45/1.8 and the Oly 75/1.8 are on my shopping list (provided that the latter delivers on its promises and isn't excessively expensive).

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