Can someone talk me into a K-5?

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CollinFX45 Regular Member • Posts: 180
Can someone talk me into a K-5?

Silly title, I know, but seriously! Here's where I am and if anyone has some time to provide their thoughts, I will be appreciative.

I shot (and am now shooting) Sony full frame. Love it, have a few carefully selected primes and don't plan to abandon this system anytime soon. Unfortunately, it's just about the worst setup for travel and most of my "every day" shots. So, I bought into the micro 4/3 setup with an Olympus Pen and a Panasonic GF3 for a truly portable, "tiny" camera. I love the GF3 and 14mm pancake/20mm pancake. It's great quality, but it isn't a DSLR. Now I would never wish three systems upon my worst enemy, BUT, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?

I've admired the K-5 since its release and have always appreciated Pentax. Reminds me of my highschool photography days and I'm pretty sure I still have a few SMC lenses around, though I'm sure they're nothing special. Call me crazy, but yesterday I spent the majority of the day on comparing the K-5 to many other popular APS-C-sized cameras. Uh, there isn't anything to compare. The logical choice for me was to buy an Sony A57 or A580, I suppose, but even those just don't compare handling/size-wise to the K-5. For a camera I can carry around that actually has a viewfinder, actually has a decent lens assortment, has incredible performance and has a weather-sealed body, I see no other competitor even close. Am I correct in thinking this? I'm done buying lenses for m4/3 and there isn't anything I really need for Sony. The funny thing is that if I bought a Sony crop-sensor body, I'd still be buying into two systems because the lenses are only interchangeable one way. I'd still need APS-C glass at that point and I just don't like the options. For me, my dream "walk around" camera would be a K-5 with a 35/2.4, probably 50/1.5 (F?) and perhaps something wide like the 10-17mm (which has no competitor). I'm not much of a telephoto person.

That was a long-winded way of me asking a simple question: invest in the Pentax system and a few select lenses, or buy a Sony A57 and a few select lenses. To me, I'm strongly leaning toward the K-5 and the ability to use KA mount manual focus glass with focus confirmation and catch-in-focus is just icing on the cake.

Thanks for listening


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