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Re: Could be a new Nikon in the cards?

scorrpio wrote:

If you are within easy reach from her, and often spend time together, and she is fine with Nikon ergonomics and has no issues using your bodies, it might indeed be a good idea to get her a Nikon body like 3200 or 5100. Present it as a gentle suggestion, so she does not feel pressured into appeasing you by accepting a system she likes less. Looks like there is nothing financially holding her on the Canon side. Besides, it's not like the 350D and lenses for it are going to go poof the moment you get something else - she can still experiment with them.

Lens-wise, her aversion to zooms might stem from the fact that old budget zooms suck. And if she used a zoom on your D700, it likely were huge and heavy. If staying on the Canon side, see if you can interest her in a Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 (non-VC) For about US $450, it's a very affordable fast zoom. And it's darn sharp, too, all the way down to 2.8. Fairly compact, and not too heavy.

Her aversion to zooms is mostly about aperture, but it is true that she hasn't used any of the better zooms, like the Tamron you're suggesting. It is indeed another option, f2.8 isn't THAT "bad".

I will talk with her and give her all the different options everyone here has brought up and we'll see what she ends up digging the most, :). Maybe I even might get her to join the Nikon-line, as yes, the investment in Canon glass isn't something to even mention. But she is very frugal and usually makes decisions based on that, so my wild guess is that she stays with her current body for now and chooses a lens she can be happy with for a long time. Knowing her it could even be the 28mm M42-lens mentioned in another response. And if she's happy with that, why not, she can then put the rest of the money aside and wait until she has enough money to buy exactly the body she wants (FF). Time will tell.

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