A Nikonian seeking basic (wide-ish) prime advice

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Re: A Nikonian seeking basic (wide-ish) prime advice

Valid point, nevertheless, fast lenses in the wide-angle section become rather quickly expensive, i.e. 24mm f1.4, or 35mm f1.4. The least expensive is still the 35mm f2.0 - or if you can adapt old manual lenses. And if you go further into wide angle territory, apertures will be smaller again.

Expensive, oh yes. Unfortunately... I could have saved a crapload of money by being content with something less than f1.4. But the 35/2 seems, at least for now, the best candidate for this cause. We'll see what she thinks. One would think though, that Canon would have quite a market for an APS-C lens around the 28-35mm mark. Something cheaper than the FF-versions that already exists. Oh well.

It is difficult to find good, and reasonably, cheap wide-ish primes for APS-C indeed. Most tend to be made for FF and the faster they are, well, the pricier they become.

Anyway, the whole point is, the 18-55 IS is so inexpensive it's worth to have it as an occasional lens for group pictures, or landscape shots, where DOF is not an issue, even if the main lenses used are fast primes.

That is very true.

As a side note, Samyang has inexpensive manual lenses.

Yes, and some of them are really good, like the 35 and the 85. I've read that the 24 isn't as good, but still not completely bad. I did think about the 35/1.4 in this case, but then it's in the same price class as the Sigma 30/1.4, so maybe not worth it (considering it's heavier/larger et al).

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