please help - sync speed, wrong settings, just stupid??....

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Re: please help - sync speed, wrong settings, just stupid??....

hayles91 wrote:

(not sure about the icons then as all shots were RAW - they were in the same sequence of shots so can't think why it would be different, but not important.

I think you would have to be a little more specific to get answers to that. What version of Photoshop? What version of ACR? What operating system and where exactly in Bridge do you see these icons? Does the Exif show the same white balance setting for all the shots in that batch? Are they all raw files? (On some cameras, switching to auto defaults to producing jpeg instead of raw.)

Running under Windows, I can’t see any camera or AWB icons in Bridge CS4 and CS6. I have the word ‘auto’ in the Exif reader part of Bridge and have the same in ACR under white balance.

Just a guess, but I would imagine that the camera icon means it is using the white balance that was set on the camera (as shot), which doesn’t preclude AWB.

Brian A

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