This shot actually possible?

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OP CarpeNoctem Forum Member • Posts: 87
Re: Reading is fundamental...

kgbruce01 wrote:
... but obviously a lost art.

RossAndrew wrote:

Well done 99.
that is so cool

Who are you talking to?

OP - ask the photographer if you want an answer.

A better question is why do you care? As if being 'shopped' is somehow wrong?
What a limited way of viewing the world.

Actually... I dont think its wrong. I think its awesome real or shopped. I work with photoshop all day long and manipulate images all the time. Its what I do. I could easily replicate this image in photoshop. What really impresses me, if this can actually be done with only a camera.

And if I knew the photographer I'd ask them. Its just an image I chanced by while looking at water droplet shots and it really caught my eye.

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